A month in the country

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If a stayed there, would I always have been happy? No, I suppose not. People move away, grow older, die, and the bright belief that there will be another marvelous thing around each corner fades. It is now or never; we must snatch at happiness as it flies.

I can’t describe life any nicer. This is what I often ask myself. Did I leave too early? Should I have stayed? I don’t miss something? The fear of missing out (FOMO) is old. Or you read it more cynically; when you get older life is not exciting and you don’t get excited – or happy. Therefore, you have to catch happiness when you are open-minded.

Plot of J.L. Carr

The book is a classic in English literature and is about a man who looks back on his summer in Oxgodby – very nice name and I wonder if it exists. It plays at the beginning of the last century. He tells how he arrives, how he is received and about the people in the village. It is the descriptions of the little happiness and the simplicity of life that make it a beautiful book. We seek happiness in big things, but the small brings more he seems to want to say.

Girl in the Bookstore in London

The book was recommended to me by a girl in the London bookstore and people in the bookstores are often book readers, so I became curious. It’s not a thick book. Which is nice. It reads well and you’re in quick in the story. It picks you up and takes you along.

Carr is too cliché

Should it have been thicker? Nothing should be done. Is it too nostalgic? Yes, or too cliché? Or too cliché? Yes, it is a fantastic one. Yet it is a fantastic book for if you want to stay in the English countryside. Isn’t that what books are for, away from where you are, away from your own life and enjoy the little things described by Carr.

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