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A must-try Italian day in Melbourne: 3 outstanding tips

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When you explore Melbourne with Italians, you’ll soon get to know the best Italian places. Here’s an ideal Italian day in Melbourne

Restaurant & café Brunetti

Start your day with an Italian breakfast at Brunetti in Carlton, in the center of Melbourne. A real Italian breakfast is an espresso or if you find it too strong a cappuccino with a croissant or other sweet snack. At Brunetti you have plenty of choice. The atmosphere is cozy, they have a beautiful mosaic floor and you can work here, read a newspaper or chat with a colleague, friend or acquaintance.

It’s in Flinderstraat, so after that you can go shopping or explore the city centre. There is also one in the Faraday where they also started and in Myer and even at the airport (terminal 2 & 4), so if you do not manage to visit Brunetti in the city, which is much more sociable, then you can even before you fly home a coffee and sweets order at the airport.

Lunch at Arbory Afloat

After that we go for a good lunch, pasta of course, to Arbory Afloat which is behind the station.

I only had an aperitif and a spritz, both of very good quality I think Italian friend, but there are Italians in the kitchen, so I have no doubt about the delicious pastas they have here. At Brunotti the spritz is less tasty, too watery.

It is also in a prime location on the waterfront, so you can enjoy the beautiful view and – with a little luck – the sun. It’s not far from the centre or the station if you want to leave the city again, but why would you want to?


We end in Little Italy. How could it be otherwise? For this we take the tram, because it is a little outside the center.

We go to Gemma, the best Italian restaurant according to my friend. He has tried some of them, but this is really the best. The Italian owner comes from Naples where the pizza originally comes from or, as he says, ‘where the pizza was born’.

I tried the pizza myself and it was delicious. If you go on Wednesday, the pizza is only 15 dollars, but take the buffalo mozzarella, which is definitely worth it, it makes the pizza even tastier than it already is.

Finish with a conversation with the owner and a nice limocello to complete the day.


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