About me

en nl

I am Dutchie that is traveling around the world. I love to write and work on my blog so I can keep you informed about my travel, thoughts, meetings with people around the world, love and life. I love to talk about things that really matters in life – other people if you ask me.

O, my name is Marleen Weener b.t.w.

Let’s talk about politics

I’d love to talk about politics since I’m a political scientist. I’ll share my insights, thoughts about the weirdest  – they mostly are – politicians in the world, but also things that are good and could be an inspiration for others. I don’t see politics as something that doesn’t influences your life, because it does. Politicians are the people that decide what is legal and illegal in the country. That concerns us all. Don’t look the other way.

My other passions – I have many – are yoga, tasty and healthy food, hiking, running, dogs (would love to have one!) and so much more. Is it too much? Can you ever want too much? I do not think so.

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What else do I do?

For my poetry (in Dutch), an interview what me drives (in Dutch as well) and my international political work (in English) you have to be on these websites.