Another day at the beach

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In thunderstorms it is better not to be on the water, but to be under water? I’ve never learned that, but since my diving instructor One doesn’t panic, I quietly enjoy everything there is to see underwater in the evening. We both have two small night lights with us to spot fish.

It is nice to dive at night, because many fish and other animals sleep during the day. They feel safer at night, because they think they can hide. There are tons of coral – they form naturally, there are no fish in them during the day, but in the evening the fish think they are safe. When we look into it with our lamp we see two fish – who can’t go any way, they look like Dory in the movie Finding Nemo, very funny.

In any case, Nemo – the fish in the film, the clownsfish – can be found here a lot. They’re in the coral and when you get close to them with your fingers they’ll come after you, they’re very terrotorial and want to protect their area. The most advanced divers will see you do all this, play under water.


When I go upstairs I see how hard it rains, we see barely more than two meters for us and for the boat through the rain. We turn on every lamp we have to see in front of us and go back to the coast, to the dive center.

When we come upstairs, I see – as One already knew – that it rains very hard. The guest on the boat that was waiting for us is more than soaked. The storm is dangerous now that we are on the boat, so it has been dangerous for him all the time. We turn on our lamps to be able to see in front of the boat, that hardly works, I think we can see two meters in front of us, but it may save us that there are few boats and swimmers because of the weather.

When I walk from the boat to the dive center there are fifteen people under a bar who have a small party there. They yell when I get out, they’ve been there for an hour, get drunk and of course it’s bizarre to dive with this weather, but I survived and it was great. In addition: I have my Advanced Open Water, and now I can dive up to 30 meters instead of the 18 meters with the PADI.


The first few days on the island we made a number of girlfriends with whom we meet a lot to sunbathe, eat and go to the movie Tag, but unfortunately they all leave on Tuesday.

That day we dive and new people come – on my whole journey it’s a coming and going of people. Besides a couple from Canada who worked here in 1996, when alcohol was still prohibited and they were on the beach with their twenties in the evening around a campfire, and there were no fire shows and countless bars, there is Juan from Spain. We dive with divemaster (DM) Christel from Switzerland. When we go down Juan has trouble with his ears and who knows what else, but it takes a while before he is down, which is not bad, but because of that we can dive less long. I already know then that he will be faster than us through his tank so we have to go up earlier and that happens as well. Men use more air, because they have larger lungs, and people who breathe faster – due to tension, for example – are also faster through the tank. Meltem and I are very good at our air management so with One we did a dive of 61 minutes once, most of the dives here last 45 to 55 minutes.


After diving we drink as always our Tiger beer on the beach, then Christel, Juan and a serious Canadian boy drink along. At the end of the evening you can guess: Christel was sitting behind Juan, Juan takes every girl from the Canadian boy – who is coming loose – and finally Christel has what she wants: Juan. Meltem and I have bought a bottle of vodka and mix it with blackcurrant juice and spa red which drinks like lemonade, so we have a good night. The Canadian boy doesn’t succeed, but does has a nice evening (I think).

So it goes… Another day on the beach.

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