Bangalore must-see top 10

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Bangalore or Bengaluru, as the locals call it, is the Sillicon Valley of India. Many young people come here to work in ICT. It is pleasant when you compare it to cities like Mumbai or Delhi. The city is cleaner, it is quieter, modern, many western food and many breweries.

Bangalore trip

Here the must sees in Bangalore.

1. Visit the Bangalore breweries

Bangalore is known for it. There are many local beers you want to try. Go to Arbor Brewing Company. This is one of the best known. The owners are originally from India, but now live in America where they opened their first bar and brewery. The other one is in Bangalore. The atmosphere is American, just like the menu. If you want to try the beers, take a tasting set of some beers before you decide which one to take.

Another brewery is Toit Brewpub. This three-storey brewery is popular and serves a lot of beers and cocktails. Upon entering you ask for a table. It will take a while before you get one, but you can already order beer at the bar. They also have good food here, especially the pizzas look very good.

2. Wonderla

If you have been in India for a few weeks now, you may have seen enough temples. Think of an amusement park. It is different than we are used to ‘in the west’. Wonderla has a large number of water attractions. These are the best. Without visiting them, your experience is not complete. Borrow or take your synthetic clothing with you, because only then you can visit the water attractions. Wonderla is located 28 kilometers from Bangalore. You can get there by taxi (500-900 rupees one way). Or from the bus station (25 rupees). Buses go all day long. The park opens at 11 AM and closes at 6 or 7 PM. One day is enough, but go as early as possible.

3. The flower market

The flower market in Bangalore is one of the largest in Asia. In India flowers are used for everything: temple, decoration of your house, car or at the front door. The more flowers, the better. Just look at how many flowers there are everywhere in India. The flowers are not in the vase, but are often strung together and hung. On the market you can see the loose flowers, but also how the men thread it together with needle and thread into beautiful flower chains. The market starts very early, deep into the night, but you can easily come in the morning or early in the afternoon. The smell that hangs there is delicious!

4. Masala Dosa

Bangalore is known for their masala dosa, a pancake with potato in it. Served with two sauces. You can get dosa’s all over India, especially in the south, but in Bangalore they are thicker.

5. Mavalli Tifin Cream

Eat a thali at Mavalli Tifin Room. This restaurant is known for their food that they sell all over India, but here it started. This was their first business. Also the freedom fighters for India have eaten here. The pictures are still hanging on the wall. During lunch you can draw a number and wait until you can get to the table. Then you get a delicious thali in which you can find all the flavors of India. Thali is 260 rupees, which is expensive, but worth it.

6. Botanical gardens

If you’ve had lunch at Mavalli Tifin Room, you can relax in the grass in the botanical gardens that are not far away. You’re not allowed to bring plastic into the gardens, so you’ll have to leave your water bottle at home. In the park itself you can buy food and drinks again.

7. Temples

Besides that Bangalore has some temples. I didn’t visit them myself, but if you want to see more temples you can visit them.

8. Palace

The last must see is the palace. Take an audio tour and let yourself be guided in the history of Bangalore.

9. Bangalore city tour

I totally missed it (so stupid!), but they say it’s a must-do, so try it yourself!

10. Just strolling around in the city

Just walking around in the city is what I love to do. It’s the best way to craps the vibe of the city and to see and learn about Bangalore’s city life.

Remember: Bangalore is different from Delhi and Mumbai, but definitely worth a visit. Don’t skip it!

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