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Unseen Seen James Turrell

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No kidding, this is absolutely the best museum I have visited in my life. Why? Because it’s a museum that makes me think, amazes me and it’s a museum you’ll be totally absorbed in. This is not boring, no, it is an art to see it in one day. That is almost impossible to do, because I wanted to see everything.


I’m not talking about the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York which I also think is a great museum or the Rijks in the Netherlands which is definitely worth visiting, but a museum in the middle of nowhere, namely in Tasmania. Where? Yes, in Hobart in Tasmania, the island below Australia, there it is MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) that I find the best museum I have ever visited.

Unseen Seen

As the icing on the cake – next to the museum which is great, I will tell about that in a second – I found the journey that I made in James Turrell’s work of art the most special. The artwork is called Unseen Seen, Weight of Darkness, and Event Horizon.

To see this you have to buy a separate ticket for 25 dollars. This is not cheap, but it was more than worth it. You then go to a round white capsule at the agreed time. People in doctor’s coats are waiting for you. They explain you that you can take off your shoes and go into the capsule. When you enter, there are two stairs on both sides with which you can go up. Then you can lie on top of a light green mattress. You look up into the dome. Everything is white. You can choose whether you want the intense or less intense version. For fifteen minutes a kind of light comes towards you that cannot be described.

It feels like you are taking drugs. I can’t describe it any other way. Sometimes you have the idea of falling into the light and then things come towards you again. Or you have the idea of being on a roller coaster. The colours you see are very skinny and sometimes everything mixes up. Then I couldn’t even describe the colour. It feels very crazy, but it is absolutely amazing and if you have the chance to see it, then you should definitely see it!

The floor of oil

This museum is known for being too famous as an attraction to remove it, so you can’t wait forever to visit it.

Black Room

After fifteen minutes to be met. We are allowed to follow the doctor to a dark room where we spend another fifteen minutes. It is to let your eyes get used to a normal environment. After fifteen minutes of flying around, because we have to recover from something so special we’ve seen, we walk outside and I’ve never been so enthusiastic about a museum. Who came up with this?

James Turrell

The artwork was created by James Turrell. An American artist who received the National Medal of Arts from Obama for his work. James works mainly with light and space. Unseen, Seen is an absolute example of this.

David Walsh

The MONA itself was also created by an eccentric person, David Walsh. He is an Australian who has become rich by gambling. And he did a good job, because the best museum in the world needed a big investment to make it the way it is today.

David Walsh
David Walsh

I suspect he copied the experience from the casinos. Once in the museum you get into it in such a way that it is difficult to find the exit. The museum is in the ground and you can get there by car, but also with a cruise. Which completes the experience. On the cruise ship you can sit on sheep to slowly sail to the museum.

Island in Hobart

In the museum itself everything is black and when you enter the museum you will get a kind of phone on which you can find all information about the works of art. This is very useful. Everything is there and often with a nice and original, funny text.

You can also virtually queue up for some works of art that you can only view with one or two people at the same time. This is a floor of oil and a kind of mummy of which I didn’t quite see the value.

Beautiful Artwork

The most beautiful works of art I found the one with the words – next to those of James Turrell. There was a wall of words that flew like birds fly. And there was a cupboard with words that you could open with poems. Very beautiful. There was also a waterfall on which words could be read. The waterfall was with keywords from the internet. And the birds were with words from the dictionary of long ago. It would take 33 years before all the words would have been, but does the museum show this work of art for so long? I don’t think so.

Best Museum in the World changes all the time

This is not a museum that always remains the same. If a work of art is too popular, it goes away and I think even if it’s there for too long. I have spoken to a lot of people who were there years ago and who had seen totally different things, so who knows, if I’ll be back in the neighbourhood in a couple of years, I’ll definitely drop by. Because, yes, I really think the MONA is the best museum in the world.

O, and if your in Hobart in Tasmania, then hike the Overland track. Beautiful!

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