Why I started this blog

Why did I create this blog? A lot of people ask me why I started this blog, well, good question. Let me try to answer this.

At first, I didn’t want to have a blog. I decided to travel for a year and was thinking of keep my family and friends posted by Instagram, but more and more friends and colleagues where asking if I was gonna write a blog about my travel. I thought about it, but no, I was too scared to do it (I guess), because the idea of writing a blog and having a blog was appealing to me.

Tony in Greece

The first week of my travel I stayed with Caroline, a friend I met on a yin yoga teacher training, and Tony, her dog, in Greece on the island Aegina, a lovely island near Athens. It was an adventure to take Tony with us on the plane to our destination. Tony in the car, plane, tram and boat, but we made it. Tony was a bit upset for a day, but soon recovered and pooped a lot.

He also pooped during a walk along the beach. Caroline picked the poop up in a blue bag to trough it away, but there was no bin, so we decided to leave the blue bag next to the car and trough the poop away later. We were hungry and went for lunch.

After lunch by leaving the place we realise in the car: shit! We forget the poop! It was still at the parking space near the beach. We decided that we would pick the poop up on the way back after the grocery shopping.

Another car

There is another car parked if we come back at our former parking space. A Greek women and men just get out of their car. Caroline stays in the car with Tony and I jump out to get the poop A.S.A.P.

I walk around their car looking for the poop, but I don’t see it. I go on my knees to look under their car. ‘What are you looking for?’ asks the men. I realize that I have a problem. What do I say? I’m looking for poop? That doesn’t look like the best answer so I settle for ‘I am looking for a blue bag’.

The man looks around him and picks up a blue bag with two fingers. He looks at it – I wish I had a picture of his face – and says: ‘Are you looking for this?’

I get the bag and jump in the car where Caroline is laughing out loud.

Create a Blog

So why did I tell you this story? Well, because it is the start of this blog. The moment a started to put the thought ‘should I create a blog’ into action.

I found this such a funny story that I just wanted to share. At ‘home’ – every place where I stay is home today – I write the first blog. Start a WordPress site. I did have some site before so this was easy for me and so here we are.

I use WordPress

I use wordpress to create my blog. The beginning was easy, the templates are online and WordPress is easy when you put some effort in it, but then it starts: to get people to your blog isn’t so easy as it seems. A lot of influences say it was so easy for them, well, it’s a lot of work and effort, but if you really LOVE blogging, writing and have something to tell, people will find you.


I love writing and this was the first time I could show this to you guys – even though I am not the best writer in the world. By to continuing writing I am getting better and I learned a lot about blogging and what it meant to have a blog.


What I want for the future? I want to keep on doing what I’m doing right now, create more blogs, but also want to explore what else I can bring into the digital world.

That will be less of a travelblog, there are enough of those already, but more a blog about my stories meeting other people and culture. Thereby I am a political scientist which makes that I write about politics too. It is what’s interest me.

I hope you love my blog as I do and if not, well, I keep on going. I wish everyone finds something in life that they love to do. What will make them jump out of their bed, that’s the reason for this blog. I found what I love, travel, writing, talking, reading, yoga, running and politics. And a lot more, but that is a start.

I hope to inspire you to do the same: find you passion and go for it. Create a blog or do something else, it doesn’t matter, as long as you like it. Really, do it! Life is too short.


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