Flowers for Mao

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After cake for Lenin it was time for flowers for Mao. Not mine, I do not give flowers to a dictator, but the Chinese do. Flowers they gave up on his statue even before they saw Mao – I wouldn’t be surprised if they sold those flowers again tomorrow.

Lenin was better at it than Mao. Mao’s mouth was open and it seemed as if something was off his nose. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stand by and watch it. You could see more of Lenin’s body. He has folded his hands for his cross and perhaps there was better lighting. Ah, I don’t know if you have to compare both. I don’t know why I started looking at them.

United States

Blogging is much less important here. I only realise now that I have put my online life in the hands of the Americans. Instagram, Gmail, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, all American and thus clocked in China. Blogging and contact with the home front is therefore not easy.

Moijito bar

I needed quiet activities after drunk days. I will try to tell you what I remember, because I am not able to tell everything.

It all started in the Moijito bar. We were with a group of eight. Four German boys, one Taiwanese – who also speaks Chinese – and three Dutch, including me. I mentioned the Dutch boy earlier in my blog – the arrogant of the train. He is very nice and cozy.

During the day we visited Art District 798. I was there three years ago too, and then I was almost alone. Now it is very busy, more shops and less art. If you are in Beijing then I recommend it.

Around nine o’clock we were in the bar where we were looking for some time. Three years ago I was at the bar for the first time. It was two boys on the street at the time, but the boys started a bar and it took us a long time to find it.

After that we went to eat hotpot. Hotpot is fondue with hot oil and typically Chinese. Here we were only at eleven o’clock, so everyone was already quite drunk by the Moijito’s. Then found a separate bar with lots of dark people, which you don’t see much here and we had a very nice evening until the early hours.

Summer Palace

The next morning I woke up because I had to change bed in my hotel. I wondered why they woke me up until the girl told me it was only after twelve o’clock.

I took breakfast with the German boys, brought the dress back to the Dutch girl who had ended up in bed with the Dutch boy, and went with the Germans to the palace. The palace is beautiful, especially the lake around where people sit on boats.

German custom

During dinner I found out about the crazy habits of the Germans. For example, we had a discussion about whether you paid with contact or with pass. I do everything by hand, but they all pay in cash and debit cards every few days a sum of money. They do not trust the bank, so that is why they say it. Just like 75% of the Germans. I don’t know what the numbers are in the Netherlands, but I think that more people pay more often with their badges.


Tonight we go for the karaoke. I am very curious! The intention was to do that on the evening of the Moijito bar, but we hadn’t got to that. Tonight we want to catch up with a larger group like the Moijito bar. So we go even further with partying…

To be continued.

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