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Irkutsk is a city that you have to explore. I thought it was a nice city, but you have to take the time for it. It is not easy to read. But if you know where to be, it is fun. People are very nice anyway – just like in all of Russia. You notice that you are close to the Mongolian border and closer to Asia. You can see that from the people.

Wooden houses

Throughout Russia you will find old wooden houses but nowhere as much as in Irkutsk. They are beautiful, but not well maintained. It would be good if they did something about it. It would be a shame if this piece of history were lost. Walk through Irkutsk and you see the wooden houses everywhere.

Green line

Just as in several cities in Russia (Ekaterinaburg) there is a line that you can follow and you bring the special buildings for a long time.

Squares and parks

The parks and squares of Irkutsk are cozy. Pass them by and enjoy the atmosphere on the squares.

Lake Baikal

From Irkutsk you must of course go to Lake Baikal. Read more about this here.