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Krasnoyarsk is a small place along the Trans Siberian train route. It is a student city, so I have often come across students who can speak English well.

What is there to see?

There is a route through the city center that passes the important buildings. The route is on the signs that stand throughout the city center. It is not special. There are nice restaurants, coffee bars and lunch bars (Veggi!), But if I can choose I would rather go to Novosibirsk if this is what you are going for. I would not do shopping anyway. I have seen few shops, except for some Russian fashion stores, but that is not my taste.

There are nice coffee bars on the street that are run from a Volkswagen bus, a ‘thing’ among students according to the locals.

Most people go to the National Park nearby. That’s worth it. I did not have enough time for that, but if I were to return one time I would go after that.

How long are you going?

One or two days, but also visit the national park. For most people it is a short stop after Novosibirsk.