My Future Plans

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The future, while walking on the Overland track I had plenty of time to think about that. It is also a nice time to think about it. It is the end of the year and I am now half a year traveling. Time to share my first thoughts with you. Nothing is cast in concrete, probably I think very differently in half a year, but still.

Family and Friends

My first thought goes out to family and friends I see the value of more than first. They have always been important, but now even more important. More than I thought. Although I don’t miss the Netherlands at all – except for a few bicycle rides and pancakes in India – I do miss that I can’t just have a drink with friends.

You miss things when you’re not there. Friends who agree, where I am not. Friends who move, whose house I will not see until next year. Friends who are pregnant and have children, I will not see their offspring until next year when they might already be walking.

And things change. Don’t come back. My grandmother died just before Christmas and then I realize that I am too far away – in Australia – to go back. I would have loved to visit her to say goodbye, but now I have to do that remotely. It is not that I had a very close bond with her, now that she is not there I realize how little I know about her, but still. It is crazy that she will never be there again.

Future as a coach

But what do I want if I go back? I don’t go back into the same job, as a political advisor. I am thinking of starting for myself. The idea is simple: I want to become a coach. I think I am good at this. I am good at dealing with people. I like to talk about feelings and I like to help people get better. It sounds naive, but I take it seriously.

I’ve already done a coaching course, but I want to have more basis before I start. I have done a number of things on a trip that I want to use. The reiki course, the ten-day meditation and I am already a yoga teacher. I take these experiences with me to become a better coach.

Focus on Politicians

I know that there are many coaches already, so I want to distinguish myself by focusing on a niche: politics. There are not many of them. And those I know are men and do it in an old-fashioned way.

What is the plan?

My idea is to do a course in NLP, which appeals to me and other courses to make me better as a coach. This will be a life project, because you’re never learned.

When I come back I want to do the courses if I don’t want to do them somewhere abroad – outside the Netherlands in this case I mean -. I want the best of the best and I look where I can do that.

Pippi Longstocking

My own company

In the Netherlands I will then start my new start, my own company. I don’t have a name yet, I have some time to think about this, but I’m open to suggestions.

Making a website is no problem, but I will have to learn everything else. I’ve never been an entrepreneur. I know it won’t be easy, but I’m following the motto of Pippi Longstocking:

“I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.”

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