Things never happen the way you want

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Of course it was fun thinking, and writing, and blogging, and learning Spanish, but if you learn a new language then there is little space left after four o’clock in the morning with my teacher Rosario, lunch at a quarter past one with my Spanish family where I stay and homework in the afternoon, to then put the energy into writing and blogging. You should also not want too much (I say to myself).

We want to much

Maybe I want that too often, too much, but I have learned during my travels that more is not better. In the beginning of my journey I saw more countries and more cities, more mountains and events. Now the peace and quiet has been there for a long time. I like to stay in one place for a long time, get to know people and then continue. Usually you will meet the same people again if you stay in the same country.

Like-minded people

Until now, I was often the only one who has been travelling for more than two or three months. I didn’t meet anyone who did what I do, but here in Central America, in Guatemala, it is very different. Almost everyone I meet at my Spanish school travels through South and Central America for six months or a year. Some of them, like me, have been there for a couple of months, but a lot of them start with the Spanish class to learn Spanish or to repeat it.

Spanish class

The Spanish lesson is very nice. First of all the location. It is in a garden where everyone sits at a table with his or her teacher. Everyone has private lessons here. Which is undoubtedly the best way to learn. I am amazed at how much I learn in a day. Speaking will be the hardest thing I understand from my fellow students, but in writing and when my teacher slowly speaks I already understand. Still handsome of myself I find to three, I repeat, three days.

My Spanish family

And then my family. It also helps enormously. They ask stupid questions about whether I like the food and what my favorite food is, but it does help, because those little things I can just say and they correct me if it is not good.


They accuse me of speaking Spanglish, which is logical, I think, I mix my English of course with my Spanish to make a sentence complete, but well, I still have weeks to learn that off. Many French people – not all of them, but I’ve met some – do the same, but then in French, Frenchlish, will it be? It works anyway, we understand each other and the best way to learn is to make a lot of mistakes. A Dutch boy also advised me to get drunk in the pub and talk to locals. That’s the same idea. With a beer in your hand you talk more easily.


Because of my ‘rest’ (I mean, I want to take it slowly) in my journey I decided not to visit countless more countries. If all goes well, a trip to Cuba in June is in the offing when a girlfriend wants to come along and we will travel together, but this is not quite certain yet, and anyway I see another girlfriend in Mexico when we go diving together. I am already very much looking forward to that already, although it will be the end of June and that will also – yes fresh from the press this – be the end of my trip. I have decided that I will fly back to the Netherlands in mid-August. It feels almost unreal, but then I have traveled for 14 months and it is not the beginning of my travels, but a new beginning of many more travels to come.

A difficult period in my trip

The hardest trip I’m going to make this year is probably coming home. How do you do that if you haven’t worked for more than a year? Looking for and finding an apartment, getting a rhythm, and starting my own coaching. Find training for that, start as a self-employed person, etc. All the things I have thought up during my trip I’m going to do, but that might not be as simple or as easy as saying it.

New things

In any case, it will be a lot of new things and that always makes me very happy. I love new things. That’s why travelling is so much fun, new people, new experiences, different food. I love it!

That’s how I’m going to see my challenges in the Netherlands, new things, new loves (I hope) and so much more. I also love old things that are good: friends and family, because after more than ten months of travelling you know who your friends are.


But that’s all for later: now first Guatemala and here too I have thought of doing something new: volunteering. After ten months of enjoying all the luxury – not always, but sometimes it is – and not working, I think it would be great fun to do volunteer work. I haven’t finished it yet, but with a bit of luck I can start working with children here at a school. I think that’s great and also good for my Spanish, because it’s great fun to have fellow students, but that’s mostly English and sometimes German, that doesn’t help me. Although my brain likes a small break in my Spanish learning I notice.

Life is not planable

All right, but I can think this out of course, but just like with my plans to write a lot here, it will all be different and I love that. Life is not planable and it should never be, be, or want to be. I can put so many wisdoms into this, but I don’t want that. Happy day people, enjoy a bit of the little things that make life fun.

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