Top ten in Yekaterinburg

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My tips for Ekaterinburg or Yekaterinburg – both forms are used. It is a friendly little town, but it is not Moscow. Two or even one day is enough.

It is on the route of the Transiberia Express, the reason that many will visit it.

The red line

Follow the red line through the city. It is simple and it takes you past the main attractions according to the inhabitants of the city. They have responded to an online referendum that was held by a boy who wanted to show that Ekaterinburg is fun. Many residents voted and so a list emerged. The municipality has drawn a red line along all the sights and that’s how it came into being.

The people here are very nice, just like in all of Russia. They will always help you and that it was a city of games during the 2018 World Cup has ensured that a lot of invested, such as in the metro and in many buildings. Incidentally, not all were finished when the World Cup was there.

Boris Yeltsin

Go to the Boris Yeltsin Museum. This is not on the red line, because it was built later. I could not see it because it was closed. But the fact that it is the first president of Russia who again voluntarily gave up his job in 1991 definitely deserves a visit.

Nice bars, restaurants, parks

Walk along the water. There are beautiful parks and better neighborhoods along the water. You can also look out over the water like many people do.

Eat pelmeni. It looks like ravioli. You can get it all over Russia, but this seems to be the region to eat it. For example, eat at the Pelmeni club. Most are filled with meat, but they are also vegetarian. Sometimes it is just different. You can also eat them sweet. With berries and cream.

Go to Gastroli and the bar next to it. Nice atmosphere. Donna Olivia is also very nice to eat. Delicious in the park! The Svoya Kompaniya chain is also recommended for a coffee or juice.

Hostel Yekaterinburg

I was in the Red Star hostel. It is at the back of a building, but in the middle of the center. If you go for a hostel then I think this is a must. It is Russian, of course, but you can wash for free, there is a kitchen and (when I was there) there work very nice people.