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Get inspiration by country

In my world trip I visit Australia, China, Greece, India, Malaysia, Mongolia, Russia so far (not in that order). I share my story on my blog so everyone can learn from my mistakes and enjoy them. The mistakes are most fun off course, who doesn’t love the mistakes of others?

Specific for Russia

The second country I visit was Russia. I absolutely loved it. We have so many prejudices of Russia, maybe that’s because our politicians fight, but we shouldn’t fight with the Russian people. If you visit Russia you will find out that there so nice and helpfull. Please go there to see it for yourself. I recommend to do the trainride from st Petersburg to Vladiwostok. Stop at least in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Omsk, Novosibirks, Krasnoyarsk, Irkoetsk and at the Baikal lake (several days please, you need it!).