This book will make you learn about Apartheid

You like reading? You like history? You like a personal history? Than Born a Crime by Trevor Noah, yes, the anchor of the Daily Show in the USA, is a book you should read. He is born in South Afrika when Apartheid was still strong. This meant that colored women and men should be separated from the white, but real life is always different than politicians might want. Noah’s father is white (he is Swiss) and his mother is black (she is Xhosa). Noah is born out of a crime, because his parents committed a crime by having sex and becoming pregnant. They could end up in jail for five years for their crime.

Trevor Noah

I learned a lot over the Apartheid in South Afrika. I knew that it meant separation of colors, but never realized how that must have been I you are living there. That Noah could not play on the street, because the police could take him to the police station. I want to know more about Apartheid due to reading this book, because this is such an important history of South Africa and it happened so recently.

Trevor Noah is not white and not black, which makes it hard for him, because where does he belong? He is an outsider. Most impressive is that Trevor Noah grows from a small young child to a successful anchor.

Born a Crime

The setting, the politics and the influence on Trevor Noah’s life, I loved to read it! Noah makes a lot of jokes. Even thought the history of Apartheid is sad. I loved the book because I had the feeling I was talking to Noah in the pub and he was telling the story of his childhood.

He wrote it a series of short essays, not in a chronological order, but it is still easy to read. But it is not the best book ever written in history, but that might not have been the purpose of Noah. It also shows that if you are a celebrity writing style is less important. That is one of the benefits if you’re a celebrity.

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah

So, if you love a good personal told story about Trevor’s life. You really don’t have to watch the Daily Show every day. I don’t do that, but I still loved his personal story. For me it is definitely one of the best memoirs I’ve ever read – and believe me, I read a lot of them.


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