What to do in Omsk?

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Omsk is located in Siberia. Just above Kazakhstan. You will also meet many Kazakh people here. The capital Anstana is located on Omsk’s 14 hour trains. I thought more about Omsk would be written, because it is on the Trans-Siberian and Transmongolia route. What is on Tripadvisor – which I do not find a reliable source – is from the Russians themselves. They find a museum where everything written in Russian is fantastic, but what if you do not speak Russian?

They have nice museums, but only in Russian. History is fascinating as I read it, but there is no museum where it was explained in English. Unfortunately. In any case, I do not meet many people who speak English.

What to do?

You can go to the center. The train station is far from the center, but with bus 69 and 110 you are there for 22 rubles. The bus leaves from the station. You pay cash in the bus. From there you can see all the churches and beautiful statues – where there are many of them. You can have a good afternoon here.

Skuratov is a local favorite. It is in a very nice square. It looks like Starbucks. Around the corner is the bar in town where all young people go. In the corner of the square there is a boutique where three ladies have started a store. Each in his own art; clothing, jewelry and bikinis.

Leninstraat is a must. There everything has been refurbished and there are many restaurants and shops. You can also go to the theater. There is a performance every evening.


When the weather is nice you can go to the water where there is a beach. Here it is forbidden to swim. Although I have seen some local people do that, but the water is one of the dirtiest in the world. The river starts in China and there they dump a lot of waste into the water.

Local food, hmm!

You should try a delicacy before you go: marshmallows. I have eaten them in a whipped cream. At first I thought it was meringues. But these marshmallows were so tasty! Very different than I ever had. Absolutely recommended and a local delicacy that you should not miss.

Another local delicacy seems to be their condensed milk. I am not a fan of condensed milk. I never drink it, so I would not be able to say whether it is very special either. In any case, they spell that it is the best in Russia – the world.

Sun, rain and snow

I do not know how it is in winter, but then the landscapes will be very beautiful. After all, it is Siberia. Then you have the image as everyone sees Siberia before them.

In the summer it rains a lot and the sun shines. People are lying here on the beach. They are two extremes that alternate. An umbrella is recommended. Go shelter if it rains hard. Streets run below and it takes a few hours before the water is pulled away.

How long are you going?

I am in Omsk for two days. I do not dare to say it in winter, but one day is enough to see the highlights. And I am here too short to go into nature in the surroundings of Omsk. I travel to Novosibirsk, a must!