What you give is what you get

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Two weeks ago, I was in Zanzibar and, well, I’m going to tell you this it anyway, even though there’s a voice in me saying it’s stupid to tell this, but I fell in love with the island and some people there.  

Found what I had lost 

I already felt very good, my fights in Australia are lying behind me, my friends in Ethiopia have already taken care of that, but also my self-confidence and trust in love is back. I didn’t know I lost it, but if you come across the wrong men one every time, it doesn’t help. 

More love than hate 

Don’t forget that I’m approached by all kinds of people, they are all very kind, but it’s difficult to separate the good from the bad. Although 99% of the people on earth are good and kind. Our image is bad, because we base ourselves on what we see on television and hear from friends, but just count how many people you meet who are nice, helpful and sincere. Weigh this against the one who is not so kind you meet once a day or week, it is less than one percent. And if it is more than that, it may have to look at yourself: What you give is what you get. 

Don Quixote’s in South America

Back to Zanzibar, the island that changes my feelings about myself and to what extent I am open to love. I am ready for love now. Not right away, travelling alone is great and I’m going to end up like that (I think/hope), but to meet people again and – how do I say this – having a great time together is great. And I have the feeling that it will happen much more, because I am now in the continent of the Don Quixote’s, South America. 


During my trip I met a lot of Argentineans who told me to look out for men there, because I am a target with my blond hair. I am a day in Guatemala that is far away from Argentina, and it is not that bad, but Antiqua, where I am is very touristy, so it will probably be different and they are used to blond people here. 

Spanish lessons in Antiqua

I am here for Spanish lessons. I will not only learn this in Antiqua, because it seems nice to me to get to know the country better while traveling and learning. The country is safe and not safe. There are places you shouldn’t come to as a tourist, they say, like Guatemala City, and you have to be careful. I don’t know exactly what that content is. I feel very safe. Last night I walked the streets here at night, which was fine and very safe. 


To be honest, I find warnings difficult, because they are always well intentioned, but they are someone’s experience. I’ve been warned for almost every country I’ve gone to. Most for India, where the image of many Western people is very bad and it is really not as scary as you think. I found Tanzania very safe, safer than Ethiopia, but you can go there too, but you have to know where you can and cannot go and then you can change a lot. The same with Guatemala, one says it is safe, the other not. I’m going to experience it myself. I will use common sense. 

Happy with my choice 

I am happy with my choice and this start in South America. I like to start ‘quietly’ in a tourist city. Antiqua is also a beautiful town. Old and many beautiful colored buildings. Very beautiful. You don’t have annoying sellers or people shouting at you here, I find that really annoying in some countries and I only had once in Ethiopia that they bothered us to beg for money. In Tanzania they don’t do this and nobody forces anything on you. Very nice.  

Blogs & Writing 

I’m going to relax a bit more than the last few weeks, so I hope to party less and my attention goes to writing, more blogs, and Spanish. Spanish is really necessary, because so many people can’t speak English here, not even here in Antiqua and I also like to learn a new language. According to the Frenchman on the plane I was sitting next to, it will also help my French. I hope so, I told him that after I’ve learned Spanish I’ll come to France (Lyon) to learn French. That made him very happy. French people like it when people speak their language. I don’t know how that feels, because who speaks outside the Netherlands and Belgium, okay and the Dutch islands, the Dutch language? 


Occasionally I talk to a few people Afrikaans, but the language remains too different to have a conversation in it, especially because you have to weigh words against each other all the time. It is so much fun to hear old Dutch words or funny merges that you’re mainly busy with the words and not with the conversation. The reason they speak Dutch is not beautiful due to the history, but in fact English has the same history, because the reason we speak English because they – the English – have started colonies and introduced their own language there. 


It’s time to finish. What I especially wanted to say is that I feel even better than I already did. Zanzibar changed a lot and I mean a lot. I dedicate this blog to all the love in the world. Amen. 

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  1. Je hebt je ervaringen weer prachtig verwoord. Enne … Guatemala is prachtig. Geniet ervan. Mijn vrouw en ik waren er in de midden jaren negentig. Lang geleden dus.

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