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You have to leave Malasia, so I need a ticket or you have to buy it right now,’ he said. In other words, they don’t want to give my ticket if I don’t have proof that I am leaving Malaysia. Do I have to buy a ticket to show that I was leaving Malaysia? China’s income is complicated, but that when I left it I had expected no hassle – I know no other word before -. At first I think it’s not serious, but they don’t move a millimetre. I ask ‘rally? Yes,’ says the man. It is four o’clock in the morning, I have not slept and I see that there is no other option than to book a ticket. My idea is to go to Malaysia to dive with Meltem. You don’t need a visa for Malaysia, so I didn’t foresee any problems.

I have no plan how I want to leave Malaysia, but it’s better to have a story at the border so I say I want to travel to Thailand by bus. When I have to buy a bus ticket it is not expensive – I thought. So I have to have it and I have to have it now. I can use their wifi to book, no matter how nice.

I don’t want to commit myself and book a ticket, so I decide to pretend I’m booking something. I go to the website, fill in some details and show it to the man behind the desk. He looks at it, picks up the phone and scrolls, beats my heart a few times and then, while looking at me in the eye, says: ‘Ok, I believe you. I still do not know if he believed me, but I was glad that at least I did not book a ticket and I am not sure where I am going after Malaysia.

Double luxury

Arriving in Malaysia I see Meltem (my girlfriend). Super cozy! The first evening I choose a restaurant that is slightly more expensive than I expected, but tasty! So absolutely worth it. Moreover, it is wonderful to drink wine again.

The next day we arrive calmly, we are in Kuala Lumpur (the capital) and Meltem leaves it to me to do what we do. That is sleeping out – I need it – and then I go to the museum. Trying to get internet on my phone unfortunately fails and takes a long time, so I don’t feel like the museum and Meltem, who did visit it, was far from enthusiastic that we decided to drink a wine and enjoy it.

Italian food

Meltem had previously met a chef who has a restaurant in KL, so we wanted to go there. After an anxious taxi ride with a taxi driver who couldn’t see in the evening – is this night blindness? – and after navigating it we arrived at the restaurant which was in a shopping mall. That may be weird for us, but it is a normal thing to do here.

The restaurant looked beautiful. I concluded ‘Parisian style’, but the chef said it was Caleforian decoration – also good, but not logical as it is Italian, although Paris is not logical, but good. From Guisippe we were not allowed to order food, that’s what he was about, so we were only talking about wine. We ordered a bottle.

After three starters, two main courses and three desserts we were completely full, but it was nice! I don’t remember eating such a good Italian. The whole restaurant was also full and it was very cozy. Moreover, the service was really top!


On the terrace we were bending out and Guisippe pushed on, he is finished with his service. He tells about his work about the world since he was nineteen. From dishwasher to chef and from hotels to Michelin restaurants, he’s done it all. His dream now is to open a farm in Italy and to do something about it later – in a few years’ time. He is now in the process of opening several cases in KL. He has also bought himself there, so for the time being he’s still in KL, so maybe he’ll go back to the south of Italy.

Guisippe wants to give us a drink and proposes to go to a bar with the Turkish souvenir. We order a taxi – with Grab, their Uber – and then we go. That’s also the case when I hear Meltem talking Turkish for the first time, funny, I’ve never heard her do that. Guisippe knows the whole bar and eventually pays our Gin and Amaretto. We decide when the bar closes to go back to the hotel, it has been beautiful and we have to get up early.

To the east

The next day we fly to the east (must confess very honestly that I just follow Meltem, so I have no idea of names). We are well on time. We fly with AirAsia with which I flew to Malaysia. I’m not a fan: I had to pay for a blanket and with a lot of pain and effort I was allowed to do so with Chinese money. The stewards thought it was crazy that I had no Malaysian money. The explanation that I still had Malaysian money because I flew there – and so I haven’t been there yet – didn’t seem to penetrate her. I prefer not to fly with them, but yes, it’s so cheap.

Meltem decided that one hour we flew to Netflixen on her Ipad. The stewards – another one – came to her: whether device was allowed to go out. It was not allowed. Not at all’, Meltem asked. No,’ she said. Smokingly she went to sleep. While the landing started quite quickly an automatic voice said: ‘please you turn your devices off for landing’. I hadn’t heard it, but Meltem was sharp: ‘so it was allowed to arrive during flight. The reservoir attendant had lied.


Long story short; we are now on a fantastic island. We are going to dive here for a week. I go for my ‘advanced’. It is touristy, unfortunately, but that is Malaysia. After Thailand, everyone goes to Malaysia. There are therefore Europeans here. Meaning it is cozy, lots of drinks and every evening party.

O and the Frenchman, that will follow later 😉

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